Q. What do I do with my personal belonging while I am in the wreck room?

A. Each wreck room and the chaos canvas room has a free locker for you to store all lose items if you wish.

Q. Are your prices per person?

A. The admission price is set per person; however, all packages are priced to share if you and your group should wish.

Q. What are the hours of operation?

A. Hour of operation are as follows: Mon-Thursday 5:00 pm-9:00 pm, Friday 5:00 pm-10:10 pm, Saturday 2:00pm-10:00pm, and Sunday 2:00pm-5:00pm

Q. Can I take pictures and record videos?

A. We encourage you to take as many photos and videos as you can safely get. We would also love if you tagged us in them if you post them on social media.

Q. Can I purchase more breakables if I finish with all of mine before my time is up?

A. As long as inventory allows, participants will be able to purchase more items during their session if they would like. We will do our best to accommodate specific item requests, unfortunately, inventory is extremely random, so we may not always have the exact item you are looking for.

Q. Can I play my own music?

A. Yes. You can connect your device to our Bluetooth speakers or simply request us to play a certain genre of music for you.

Q. Can I smash if I’m pregnant?

A. Unfortunately, the nature of the activity makes it dangerous for pregnant individuals to participate in wreck rooms; however, pregnant individuals can participate in the Chaos Canvas Zone.

Q. Is there sanitation of the personal protection equipment?

A. One of our goals is to create an environment that all participants can feel comfortable in. Sanitization and regular cleaning of both the personal protection equipment and the facility is just one step we take to achieving this goal.

Q. What the age requirements at Chaos wreck rooms?

A. To participate in the wreck rooms, a person will have to be at least 10 years of age. Any participant 10-15 will require a responsible parent/guardian/adult to accompany them the entire time they are in the wreck rooms. All other participants 16 and above will require photo id in order to participate in the wreck rooms. Chaos Canvas/splatter room does not have an age limit.

Q. What should I bring?

A. Bring yourself and your friends, closed toed shoes and all of your bottled up chaos to leave with us. 

Q. What is there to break?

A. The list of items to break is broad and sometimes depends on availability of certain items. However, Different types of glassware, ceramics, porcelain electronics and appliances will be provided based on package type and appointment. You may also bring your own items to wreck depending on package selection. (Check out our BYO packages to wreck your own things.)

Q. Do I need a reservation?

A. Scheduling an appointment ahead of time is the best way to ensure that you secure a wrecking time. We do accept walk-ins but we cannot always guarantee that there will be an availability or inventory due to scheduling.

Q. What if I need to cancel my appointment? 

A.  Wrecking is non-refundable; however, customers will receive 2 opportunities to reschedule their appointments. After the second missed reschedule, customers will be asked to book a new appointment. If customers are more than 25 minutes late for an appointment time, their appointment will be forfeited and wrecking crew members will move on to the next appointment.

Q. What can I bring in my BYOB?

A. Customers may bring a box of breakables and electronics fitting the description of their chosen package. All items will be counted and checked for safety to ensure that everything is safe to wreck. No liquids, batteries, gases, light bulbs, ammunition, pressurized canisters, explosives, or any other hazardous material.

Q. How many people can be in the room?

A. Total number of participants is limited to 6 max to a room regardless of the package that was purchased. This is to maintain safety standards and reduce overcrowding. We have viewing screens set up which allow you to watch your family, friends, or loved ones unleash their chaos. CUSTOMERS ARE NEVER PERMITTED TO SWING AT OTHER CUSTOMERS IN THE WRECK ROOMS.

Q. How old do I need to be?

A. Customers age 16 or older who can provide proper ID will be permitted to fill out a wreck waiver themselves and enjoy any session without adult supervision. Customers ages 15 or under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at least 18 years of age. The responsible adult will have to fill out a wreck waiver for the minor. The minor must be supervised by the responsible adult for the full length of their stay at Chaos wreck rooms.

Q. Can I listen to music while I break stuff?

A. Rock and wreck. Each Wreck room will be equipped with a blue tooth speaker system. Bring your own tunes and wreck to your favorite music.

Q. Is it safe? 

A. There is risk in handling broken glass, but with our protective gear and our list of detailed rules, you’ll have no problem walking out of Chaos wreck rooms, happier than when you walked in. Though it is not required, we recommend wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt.

Q. Is there parking?

A. Parking is available in front of the building, and as always, it is free.

Q. I’m under the influence, can I come to break things?

A. Absolutely not. Participants under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted in and will immediately be asked to leave.

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